Construction of viaduct Sejanca carried out according to plan

On September 20, Pomgrad began the construction of the viaduct Sejanca. This is the first of many structures to be constructed on the section of the connecting road Ptuj – Ormož. Under the contract signed by Pomgrad with the subscriber, the deadline for completing the first phase by the company DARS is July 18, 2019. The net value of contracted works is calculated to be over two million euro.

The construction of the structure is planned in two phases. The first phase includes the construction to the extent that is possible to use the viaduct for the purpose of accessing to the construction site of the road's path between Ptuj and Ormož. When the works on the road are completed, the second phase of the construction of the viaduct will be carried out, the duration of which is determined to be 5 months and includes finishing works, after which the structure is to be put into service.

The project director, Bogdan Rojs, has pointed out that the construction is also somewhat specific due to the fact that several companies participated in the building of the viaduct in the past, which is why some elements have already been built, but they need to be restructured.

Leon Ruhitel, the construction manager, presented other technical characteristics of the viaduct: “The conventional construction is designed as a continuous, prestressed concrete structure, with a hollow box cross-section with oblique webs. The range of the viaduct is to be 26 m + 4 x 35 m + 26 m, with the total structure length of 192 m. The height of the box cross-section along the construction axis is to be constant and 2.6 m, with the pavement width 11.30 m. The supporting framework is to be implemented by the launching technology, whereby the workshop and the equipment for launching are placed on the dike along the lower bracket. There are 11 work cycles envisaged, with 7 days spent to complete each stroke.”

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