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Pomgrad Group is one of leading construction companies in Slovenia and the Adriatic region, distinguished by its professionalism and ensuring superior construction solutions and integrated support, from the design all the way to implementation. As one of the leading construction companies, we are proud of our own knowledge, experience, and equipment for building the most demanding construction projects.

Pomgrad Group

Pomgrad Group

Pomgrad Group comprises multiple ownership-linked companies - three share holding companies, eight limited liability companies, and five associate companies where Pomgrad d. d. is a controlling company.

Companies within the group are specialized in performing individual works from a vast range of construction services, so that we as a group on the market can provide integral, complete construction services due to the mutual synergy connections.

  • Murska Sobota
  • Beltinci
  • Hoče
  • Rogašovci
  • Slovenska Bistrica
  • Čakovec
  • Sesvete

Identity card


Construction Company

Bakovska ulica 31
9000 Murska Sobota
T +386 (0)2 534 1800
F +386 (0)2 534 1825
E info@pomgrad.si
Chairman of the board:
Iztok Polanič
Chairman of the supervisory board:
Peter Polanič
Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Pomgrad Group is one of the market leaders in the field of construction in the Republic of Slovenia; with its natural growth and development strategy, the group ensures the qualitative execution of construction works of any kind aiming toward excellent economic performance and harmonious sustainable development in the environment and market where it is carrying out its activities.

The vision of Pomgrad Group is to distribute its own raw materials efficiently and optimally so that it can retain the position of the market leader in the field of constructions in Slovenia and expand its activities and visibility on the interesting markets of the Adriatic region and Central and Eastern Europe.

Basic values

Our commitment to our basic values is confirmed with certificates that are granted by external certifying bodies. The Pomgrad Group has the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 certificate since 2018, while also holding the ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate since 2008 -  this standard has been revised in 2015, and after adjusting our business operations in accordance with this new version, we also obtained the certificate in 2018. Moreover, Pomgrad d. d. gained an EC certificate for the production control and welding in 2014. Both certificates are related to production of metal structures and welded structures as well as steel elements up to class EXC 3 according to standard EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011, system 2+. All of our certificates are renowned annually.


Pomgrad Group is led independently and on the sole responsibility by three members of the board comprising the president and two members.

Iztok Polanič

Iztok Polanič, MBA, joined the Pomgrad Group in 2012, managing real estate projects within the Pomgrad Group. He became the chairman of the board at the beginning of 2018 and is responsible for governing the share-holding company, corporate control of subsidiaries, and other companies within the company ownership, managing the financial operation of the company and its subsidiaries, resources and legal management, informatics in business processes, and general affairs. In addition, he also manages the real estate portfolio of the Pomgrad Group.

Iztok Polanič
Chairman of the board
Boris Sapač

Boris Sapač, BSc in Civil Engineering, graduated in 1997 from University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering. He joined Pomgrad Group in 1999 as a head of ABI Lipovci plant and became a member of the board in 2010. He is responsible for commercial area.

Boris Sapač
Member of the board
Kristian Ravnič

Kristian Ravnič, BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, has many years of experience with managing construction projects in Slovenia and abroad. As a board member of the Pomgrad Group, which he joined in 2018, he is responsible for the technical and operational performance of the company, marketing, and corporate communication.

Kristian Ravnič
Member of the board


We are enriched by our extensive experience in the field of construction, execution of various projects, and cooperation with domestic as well as foreign customers. Our knowledge and experience are constantly improving and shared with our partners. We are proud of our highly professional team, using our own materials and equipment, all of which enables us to gain the goals set. All of the listed is confirmed with certificates, which add an international note. Furthermore, we are proud of our long-lasting and fair relations to our customers and contractors as we pay our liabilities and meet our obligations on time, despite the tough conditions within our environment.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development

As a responsible company, we are strongly bound to the environment that we come from and operate in, we are aware of sustainable development importance on every aspect of our work, and we are actively engaged in the projects of local communities as well as in the personal development of our employees.

Safety and health at work as well as fire safety are important to us, so we regularly check and update risk- and medical assessments and provide preventive and regularly medical examinations - not only to satisfy the legislative requirements but principally to take care of the health and safety of our people.

Education and training. We actively support the personal improvement, education, and training of employees on different levels - on the management level, communication level, and teamwork as well as on the professional level. We understand that individuals have to be properly equipped and have proper tools to be able to work effectively and motivated.

Quality. We are aware of the increasingly high demands of our customers, which is why quality is one of the key points of our activities. Our commitment is confirmed with the certificate of Quality assurance, gained already in 2008. In addition, we have numerous valid certificates from the field of production control (compliance of the production control for concrete and different prefabricated concrete products, EC certificate for the production control of the metal structural elements, and the certificate for welded constructions). Each certificate stated hereinabove has to be renewed annually.

Environment. With the modernization of the production plant and mechanical equipment as well as the adoption of modern production methods, we introduce and undertake the highest environmental standards in the field of gaining and producing materials as well as construction works. Closed investment cycle in the equipment and plants we ensure minimal emissions possible to the environment, energy-efficient production and activities. At the same time, we run environmental projects with the aim to improve living space and natural environment.

Local community. We take seriously the importance of the activities in local communities of our employees; this encourages company affiliation and its public reputation, so we support the social, cultural, and sport projects in the local and Slovenian community, where Pomgrad Group is active.

Pomgrad Academy

Pomgrad Academy

In the fast-changing world, we are aware of the importance of a good education for all of our employees who also have to keep up to date and know the novelties of their area of expertise. With this in mind, we established a Pomgrad Academy this year; its main purpose and goal is to provide any internal or external training that prove desirable or necessary to our employees.

The first training took place in 2017 and there will be more to follow.

Our employees

Our employees

At Pomgrad Group, there are over 600 employees and we are well aware that our employees are the ones that make a key contribution to the success of the group. With the encouragement of a healthy, encouraging, and motivational environment, the company tries to create a business environment where all the employees feel well accepted and they develop an affiliation to the company that they help to create harmony with their everyday work.

Formal education levels and job classification are both exceptionally diversified yet all of our employees are an important link, influencing and contributing our success with work and presence.

Would you like to join us and help create our successful story using your skills? We will gladly read your resume and get in touch with you when a suitable vacancy appears.

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