Projects 70

The projects undertaken in Pomgrad Group extend to transport and environmental infrastructure, buildings, and engineering/geotechnical engineering works. The projects are diverse, constructed in different locations of the country and abroad in the Adriatic region; their common denominator is professional and timely execution, adherence to the agreed terms as well as quality of craftsmanship and materials. We are aware of the significance of our customer satisfaction so we maintain our integrity and respectful relations, based on solid foundations, which ensures the complete satisfaction of both parties as well as long-term cooperation.


Environmental facilities/projects
Residential buildings
Office buildings and public facilities
Industrial halls
Engineering/​Geotechnical engineering
Current projects

South bypass road, town of Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota

Reconstruction of the main road Kranj–Sp. Brnik, road relocation in the area of Brnik airport (Aerodrom Ljubljana).

Spodnji Brnik

Highway Draženci–Gruškovje, stage I


Reconstruction of the road structure on the section AC A1/0066 and 0666 Maribor (Ptujska)–Slivnica


Reconstruction of the road structure as well as constructions on the sections of Arja vas–Šentrupert

Arja vas–Šentrupert

Reconstruction of the road structure on A1/0637 Slovenska Bistrica–Slovenske Konjice from km 5.300 to km 8.800 and on legs A, B, C and D on 0136 Slovenske Konjice connection

Slovenska Bistrica–Slovenske Konjice

Reconstruction of the regional road Renkovci–Črenšovci through Turnišče settlement


Reconstruction of the road structure on the highway Arja vas–Šentrupert

Arja vas–Šentrupert

Recycling of the road Križevci–Ljutomer


Renovation under Malečnik


Reconstruction of the road structure in section of the highway Šentrupert–Vransko


Highway Beltinci–Lendava


Drinking water supply in Drava basin - framework 3

Podvelka, Radlje ob Dravi

Drainage and wastewater purifying plant in area Domžale–Kamnik “Nadgradnja centralne čistilne naprave Domžale–Kamnik”


Drinking water supply Pomurje - System C, framework 2: Facilities for water processing, Water source Segovci, Podgrad

Segovci, Podgrad

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