Drinking water supply Pomurje - System C, framework 2: Facilities for water processing, Water source Segovci, Podgrad

Project relates to construction of two groups of objects:

  • source Segovci, Podgrad,
  • source Mota, Lukavci.

A new water source is arranged in Segovci and Podgrad with a total volume of 70 l/s, source Lukavci is completed; a new plant for pre-purifying of water is constructed in Segovci; there are also 14 delivery/pumping wells and 13 new piezometers for hydro-logic measurements installed. Connection and delivery pipes between wells are constructed and discharge pipe added. In the framework of the water source, there are pipelines to infiltration drainage, interim shafts, and drain lines constructed. In Podgrad, a facility for water processing is constructed in the framework of which all of the necessary technology for water processing is realized. At that location, there are also delivery/pumping wells, infiltration drainage and pumping station newly constructed. On route to the wells to filtrate capturing there is a bridge constructed over Plitvica potok with a span of 36 m.

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