Out-of-level crossing with railway in Grobelno

Project with the aim to eliminate level crossings is bound to reconstruction and new construction of the main road in length of around 1,540 m, with corridor for pedestrians and cyclists, renovation of the viaduct, new road with the length of around 1,434 m, corridors for pedestrians and cyclists, new bus stops, crossing to existing roads, and new field connections.

Set of works on the railway equipment includes: renewal of the SV-equipment, control of the rail in direction and elevation due to the installation of the temporary support, installation of the tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists under temporary support; de-installation of the temporary support. The aforementioned crossing is made with supporting walls and corresponding stairs, pump station and elevators for disabled, hydraulic engineering with relocation of Šentviški potok, cleaning of a stream bed, regulation of embankments as needed, drainage of road, and other needed works.

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