Reconstruction of the bridge over Drava river and railway underpas in Vuhred

In September 2016, works on the reconstruction of the bridge and railway overpass have begun together with reconstruction of the road on and between the bridges.

The bridge will be widened for 4.70 m; all the free fields will be bound together and preloaded with cables out of the section; on side supports dilatations will be added. Due to greater width and consequently greater mass concrete supports, traverses, and road surface will be made; foundations underwater will also be widened.

The image of the construction will be totally new but made on the existing base.

Railway overpass

Project relates to the reconstruction of the railway - widening of the foundations, adding of concrete to pillars and end struts, widening of road surface with new equipment.

The existing construction will be strengthened with carbon bands due to limited height.

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