The construction of a hotel near Plitvice Lakes National Park is nearing completion

Pomgrad is swiftly finishing up the construction of Hotel Lyra in Plitvice, Croatia. The four-star hotel was originally called The Orchid Plitvice, but was later renamed to Hotel Lyra because the Lyra constellation can be very well seen in this area. The finishing works are currently being carried out on the structure (painting and installation of bathroom equipment), as well as the latest measurements and testing of the installed electrical systems.

The structure, partially co-financed by the European Union, consists of 58 hotel rooms and 1 apartment. The floor area of the building is 1262m2, and the total gross area is 4338m2. The exterior dimensions of the hotel are 52.00 x 23.00m. The highest point of the hotel is 19.00m above the ground. Another interesting detail of the construction is the fact that one third of the structure is founded on rock, while the other two thirds of the structure lie on 55 pillars, which go up to 14.00 meters deep.

The structure is in direct contact with nature, thus allowing guests to be in harmony with the surrounding area, which can only be seen in this part of Croatia. The surroundings of the hotel are exquisitely arranged. The parking spaces for cars and buses are located at the entrance of the structure. Traffic is regulated by roundabouts. A specific characteristic that is worth mentioning is certainly the wooden facade that is mounted on the structure. This allows the hotel to dissolve into the forest of the surrounding area.

The entire supporting structure is made of concrete, while the partitions have been dry-mounted. During the course of the construction, continuous geodetic measurement controls have shown that the movements of the entire structure were 1.50mm.

The hotel’s heating system is based on a pellet boiler and a heat pump. A diesel aggregate is also going to be provided, thus enabling the hotel to continue working in case of bad weather conditions.

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