The construction of the Student Pavilion in Osijek is going according to schedule

Pomgrad started with the construction of the Student Pavilion in Osijek in September 2018. The deadline for handing over the final structure of the dormitory, square and parking lot is 20 months. After five months of work, the project implementation is going according to schedule.

The structure of the new building of the Student Pavilion in Osijek is located at the university campus on the outskirts of Osijek. The structure is located in the immediate vicinity of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Agriculture and the existing student dormitory.  The location of the structure is therefore ideal for the accommodation of future students. The construction of the new dormitory will greatly benefit the city of Osijek, partly solving the housing problem in the city, and the students will have the opportunity to choose from a wider range of offers when looking for accommodation.

The construction of the new dormitory is to take place in the following stages:

The construction of the new student dormitory;
The construction of a connecting bridge, which is heated and connected to the existing dormitory;
The reconstruction of the existing square and horticultural arrangement of external surfaces;
The reconstruction of the existing parking lot with the construction of a carport with solar collectors;
The construction of additional parking spaces along the existing road.

The area of the student dormitory is rectangular and the total floor area is 2440m2. The structure is north-south-facing. The construction area is limited by walking routes. The net area of the new dormitory building is 15,770.95m2. The building consists of a basement level and 6 floors (basement + ground floor + 4 floors + attic with gallery). The highest point of the building is 23.50m.

On the west side of the plot there is the existing student dormitory that will be connected to the new structure by a heated bridge. The bridge is made of iron and completely glazed, 28.0m in length and approx. 3m in height. The connecting point of the bridge and the new building is going to be located on the first floor of the western façade of the new building. After the completion of the construction, both buildings are to represent a complete spatial unit.

The student dormitory is going to consist of 796 beds, divided into 404 rooms. The rooms vary by number of beds.

The building is divided into two constructive units (dilatation). The basic structure consists of a reinforced concrete construction system with brick fillings on the façade wall. Interesting details of this structure are the façade and the roof, which are to be made of photovoltaic panels, as a kind of solar power plant, all connected together and routed to the basement and the electro-station.

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