The construction of the underpass on the Ljubljana road in Maribor is going according to plans

The entire project includes the implementation of the underpass and thus the closing of the current level crossing of the Ljubljanska street across the regional railroad Maribor – Prevalje near the Magdalena Park and the University Medical Centre Maribor. As part of the construction works, Pomgrad is to rethink the local railroad station with a shelter and a canopy, as well as a stairway between the platform and the underpass. Two smaller public squares are going to be arranged on both sides of the railroad line on the roof of the underpass. The total investment value is just under €9 million.

As part of the renovation, the crossings at the junction of the Moše Pijade street and the Masarykova street as well as the Jezdarska street are also going to be transformed into a roundabout. On the green between the Ljubljanska street and a residential building, a new parkland is to be arranged, primarily intended for nearby residents. In addition, the external surfaces in front of the Jesuits’ structure are going to be arranged. Upon the completion of works, a direct access point is also to be set up for pedestrians and cyclists on the route from the Medical Centre to the shopping center.

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