University campus Varaždin, Phase III - Student residence

In a public tender, Pomgrad was selected to build a student residence in Varaždin. Planned finish for the construction is November 2017. 

Layout is made in C-shape and on the eastern side the object will be connected to existing one. Total net area of the object is approx. 16,000 m2. In the basement, the garage is foreseen and on the ground floor there will be multi-purpose spaces: library, ambulance, offices for student clubs, social rooms etc. Above the ground floor, there will be an additional 5 floors with a total of 244 rooms and 471 beds. The structure is reinforced concrete with preloaded plates, level roof and ventilated façade. In the framework of landscape also works on the parking area is planned as well as connections to the public traffic areas, arrangement of the central outdoor space with tribunes, green areas, and walkways are planned.

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