Upgrade to the Pesnica – Šentilj railroad link in accordance with the timetable

Pomgrad is swiftly upgrading the railroad line on the Pesnica – Šentilj section. The section has truly been in need of renovation, given that the last reconstruction of the track and bridge structure was carried out back in 1976. With the implementation of the project of Pesnica – Šentilj railroad link upgrade, the track capacity will be upgraded from line category C3 to D4. Category D4 allows the transport of trains with the axial load of 22.5 tons and the top speed of 160km/h. Pomgrad began with the works in the second half of August 2018 at the stations Pesnica and Šentilj. The upgrade should be completed in August this year. The construction work is currently in line with the foreseen timetable. The net value of construction works is calculated to be over €36 million. Railroad traffic on the pendant has already started, under special conditions – 50km/h. Passenger rail transport has not yet been started.

The project director, Jožef Trstenjak, said the following: “The most important volume of the construction work was carried out in a 50-day full line stop, namely from October 26, 2018 until December 15, 2018. Since the scope of these works was very extensive, and the fifty-day deadline was very short, it was necessary to provide larger quantities of materials, machinery and workforce before the start of the line stop. The biggest challenge in work planning was the design and implementation of several parallel phases by employing a large workforce and increased mechanization. The works were carried out in 24–hour shifts every day of the week from the beginning to the end of the line stop.”

During the time of the line stop, 160 workers and 79 different working machines were present at Pomgrads’ part of the construction site. The material was transported by means of 42 heavy goods vehicles, while being transported to the construction site by 39 towing vehicles.

The following information illustrates how big the construction site really is:

If we lined up all the trucks that brought stone material to the construction site, the line would be more than 62 kilometers long.
The 141 felt rolls that have been used would be enough to cover 9 football fields in the Allianz arena.
On Pomgrads’ part of the route, 224 new foundation catenaries have been installed.
There are 11 different supervisors involved in the project.

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