XAL Murska Sobota

The object will be newly built; the construction will proceed in four phases. It is an industrial object with 6,000 m2. It will be added to the existing industrial ground floor construction with approx. 132 x 71 m layout and 9.90 m height. There is also an interim floor with offices. The roof is level, and the façade is made of isolation panels. The object is simple in construction. Base is skeleton; AB pillars seats in AB-cups and are partly linked to line foundations and with struts on the outer circumference. The roof structure is planned to be made of multilayered wooden struts. Structure on the south-eastern part of the building where there is lower ceiling (powder painting) is located perpendicular to the existing columns.

The columns are concrete, and the struts are wooden. Façade is made of thermo-insulate panels. Newer office building part, which lies near the powder painting space, has two floors; AB construction (AB-walls, panels, struts, stairs). We made also a renewal of the existing part; added column, struts, hollow panels and three-floor office box made of steel profiles and glass.

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