A unique bench presented for the 500th anniversary of Protestantism

As part of the project The Story of Benches and People, taking place in Maribor, a tenth bench was placed before the evangelical church in Maribor for the 500th anniversary of Protestantism. The bench contains Martin Luther's quote, “Tudi če bi vedel, da bo jutri konec sveta, bi danes posadil jablano.” (Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree) and Primož Trubar's quote, Stati inu obstati” (To Stand and Whithstand).

The unique bench comprises of 12 triangular concrete elements made from white concrete. The surface of the concrete elements is hammered. The bench was built in Pomgrad d.d. at our DE ABI department and designed by architect Uroš Rošker, biro biro d.o.o.

The project The Story of Benches and People connects authors of unique and superbly designed benches that are prepared to gift their creations to the city of Maribor and its citizens. With them, the authors strive to bring the city to life and offer its citizens esthetic and useful surfaces that tell different stories.

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