Here at Pomgrad, we have once again opened our doors to the youth

As many as 180 children from the second grade of three elementary schools in Murska Sobota and the elementary school Grad attended Pomgrad's open door day.

The students toured the concrete factory, asphalt base, and the sandpit in a fun atmosphere, yet most of the attention fell on the various larger construction vehicles that are used at Pomgrad on construction sites. We introduced the many construction occupations to the students, from builders to workers and management employees, and we concluded their visit by offering them a snack and souvenirs.

The open door day is intended to stir the children's interest in becoming a construction worker or pursue other construction occupations. This is our way of contributing to the increase of prospective staff members that are in short supply in construction and thereby enabling Pomgrad to remain the largest employer in the region. “Many people have dreamed about their occupation in adulthood even as a child. By visiting our company, the youth learns about construction works, from planning and design all the way to fieldwork. We must try to preserve this interest throughout the entire education process, since we are keenly aware that the demand for experts in the field of construction will only rise as time goes by,” said Pomgrad's board member, Iztok Polanič, during the children's visit. 

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